Union Park

This long standing historical park was dedicated in 1897 and possibly named to honor Union soldiers in the recent civil War.

In 1895, local residents rejected a city plan to turn “Union Square” into a hay market and it was terraced and turned into an “Italian Garden”. In 1905, a sculpture by Jerome Connor named “Indian Bowman” was placed in the park. It depicted two native Americans out on a hunt and was one of three sculptures provided for in the estate of William Kirkpatrick. The others were the fountain dedicated to Jesuit missionaries in Washington Park and the statue “Boy with parrot” across Salina St in Demong Park. The statue was removed by the city to the Spencer street storage lot in 1973 when the park was redeveloped as a playlot. Seemingly beyond repair, the statue later disappeared from the Spencer street yard. In 1997.

The by then run down eyesore that was the park was restored by the city with the help of neighbors and Local 624 of the UAW. In all, the project amounted to $24,000 and the union promised to return yearly for spruce-up activities. In 2012, the park was again restored in a $70,000 project through the efforts of neighbors with half of the funding raised by the Syracuse Parks Conservancy and matched by the city.