2013-14 Guardian Awards

The presentation of the Guardian awards for 2013-14 took place in the Syracuse Mayor’s Conference room on Friday Aug 15, 2014 at 11 am.  The awardees nominated in 2013 are Barbara and Ron Hoffman, and Leslie Molldrem.
Barbara and Ron Hoffman helped with the plantings in the Outer Comstock Neighborhood for many years, and really stepped up to the plate after the untimely passing of SPC Board member Martin Sage.  They helped by digging up the planter, planting flowers and perennials in the traffic triangle at Comstock at East Colvin St, planting in the planter at Comfort Tyler Park, and mulching and weeding these areas and underneath our four welcoming signs. The work could not have been done without them.
Leslie Molldrem has served as the Secretary of the Friends of Schiller Park for several years and has been on the Schiller Park Board from its inception.  She is a dedicated, loyal and hardworking volunteer who works on every project without taking any accolades, including the annual dinner, the Turkey Trot, and the volunteer park cleanups with students and other community groups.

As secretary, Leslie is the officer who keeps the group focused and arranges the time and place for meetings.  Her meeting minutes are meticulous and most valuable, as the Friends group strives to build a foundation from which the Park can begin to become a place where neighbors and visitors will want to spend more time.

Leslie Molldrem Ron&Barbara Hoffman