SYRATHON brings together 7 established road races, all based in the City of Syracuse and spaced throughout the calendar year, into this unique road race series! Syrathon’s seven races showcase Syracuse’s incredible and historic parks systemas run participants journey through a number of wonderful city neighborhoods. Since 2009, the Series has encouraged, for both beginners and seasoned runners, healthful physical activity year-round, while promoting the sights and sounds of city life!
The Syrathon Challenge challenges registered participants to accumulate at least 26.2 race miles over the course of the Series. Those who meet the challenge are known as Syrathoners, and will have earned the coveted Syrathon Medal! You can help support the Syrathon Race Series and the amazing efforts of the Syracuse Parks Conservancy, with a Syrathon Sponsorship using the form below!
Collectively, the races and fun runs included in the Syrathon series will draw nearly 7,000 total participants over the course of the year, and a Syrathon Information Booth will be present at each race venue. Those registered in the Syrathon Challenge visit the website regularly through the year to keep track of mileage and announcements!

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