Snowman Convention Center

Whereas Syracuse, New York gets a great amount of snow each and every year and people deal with snow in various ways: some thrive in it, some make their living in it, some play in it, and some really try to ignore it, and

Whereas the Syracuse City School District (SCSD), in cooperation with the Sunnycrest Park Association (SPA) and the Meachem Area Parks Association (MAPA), has embraced the concept of celebrating snow through artistic expression, and

Whereas the annual “Snowman Convention” has been held in the past five years in the form of art displays at the Sunnycrest and Meachem Ice Rinks incorporating diversity, environment, and recycling, and

Whereas it is time to expand the scope of the convention to encompass additional aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as appropriate at the different educational levels, and

Whereas the Syracuse Parks Conservancy (SPC) is supporting SPA and MAPA in the expanded scope of the Snowman Convention,

Therefore let it be known that the children of the District shall make projects of recycled papers and found objects to be on display at Sunnycrest and Meachem Ice Rinks as part of the Sixth Great Snowman Convention.

And let it be known that a poster display or 200 word “white paper” shall be written by students of the Syracuse City School District on various subjects such as:

1. Environment
2. Diversity
3. Recycling
4. Machines used for snow
5. Jobs that are available because of the snow
6. Measuring snow
7. The impact of snow on the lives of individuals.

Let it be known that each student who creates an art project, designs a poster display, or writes a white paper shall be deemed to be an official conventioneer.

And it is time for conventioneers to assemble during the February school recess with friends and parents at awards ceremonies to be held at the Meachem Ice Rink and the Sunnycrest Ice Rink for the purpose of celebrating snow, and

And let it be known that a speaker shall be provided, a room full of exhibitors, food, and prizes will be at hand.

Furthermore, as snow is everywhere, let us assure that all peoples are therefore invited to attend the convention. Elected officials, parents, students, friends, neighbors and neighboring school districts are invited to celebrate.