Martin Sage Environmental Fund

The Syracuse Parks Conservancy Announces Martin Sage Environmental Grants are available to organizations with an educational purpose to increase awareness of the environment and of Syracuse parks or green spaces.

Martin Sage Environmental Grant Qualifiers.
The grants are available to any organized group of adults who are supervising at least four children in an environmental project. Scout troop leaders or teachers who are seeking additional funds in support of activities such as bird feeding and watching, flower and vegetable gardening, hiking, or ecology are especially urged to apply. Grants typically range from $250 up to $500.

The proposal should be one to two pages. To facilitate the process the grant should be submitted as an attachment to an email to the SPC Education Committee at the following address:
(If necessary, enter this email into your email program.)

Applications  will be reviewed on a rolling basis and confirmed by email

The application must include
1)    group leader’s name and email
2)   (if a school group)  principal’s name and email
3)    grade and number of students involved in the project
4)    description of the project, including what will be done, the location, and when it will be done
5)    if maintenance is required, who will be responsible for doing the maintenance once the project is completed
6)    a brief description of how the project will increase the awareness of the environment and of Syracuse Parks or green spaces
7)    a budget of expenditures needed for the project

The Syracuse Parks Conservancy Education Committee will choose those projects which are most sustainable, use the funds most effectively, and directly involve students as active participants.

   STEM and Elementary teachers are especially urged to apply.