Growing Together Tree Project


At the January 2010 Board of Trustees meeting, Patrick Driscoll, Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Youth asked the SPC to take on their first formal project with the city and plant 200 trees. The Board agreed and this was the start of the Growing Together Tree Project.

The first tree, a Pin Oak was planted on May 26, 2010 in the front yard of the Parks and Recreation Headquarters on Spencer Street. A commemorative stone marks the location.

A variety of native species in a variety of sizes have been planted throughout the parks and green spaces in the city. We are requesting locations from the Commissioner, local Park Associations, Neighborhood Groups, private citizens, and businesses. If you would like a tree or bush planted please contact us. Financial contributions to this project are grateful accepted.

Planting of the trees have been done by members of the SPC and volunteers. We are actively recruiting volunteers to help with the various plantings and for other projects.

Maintenance of the trees will be done by members of the SPC and private citizens and/or businesses.