Events & Tourism

Events & Tourism Committee

The purpose of the Events & Tourism Committee is to work with the Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs and the Syracuse Convention & Visitors Bureau to develop new approaches to the City’s festival calendar that would include the use of City parks as event venues for ethnic festivals, theater series, music fests, concerts, puppet shows, nature education, urban hiking, sports tournaments, etc.

The intention would be to make the City’s park system a collective “Common Ground” as is currently the case with Clinton Square. This would make every neighborhood culturally special and bring those who may not know our city well into contact with our citizens and our neighborhoods!

The first task of the Committee would be to examine the local and regional festival calendar and consider how to redistribute events so as to take advantage of our community parks.

The  second task would be to work with local theater, music, dance and art groups as well as local the Syracuse City School District, local and regional universities and colleges, and citizens groups to schedule new events and series in the City’s parks.

The third task would be to get these events publicized through local and regional media and through the literature of the Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Metropolitan Development Association, and the City of Syracuse.

The fourth task would be to work with various organizations to seek additional (and long-term) funding for the new events spread throughout our park system.